The Supernaturalist

Written by Eoin Colfer
Illustrated by Alexander Gorkushra and Stephan Bolderick

Reviewed by Jeremy P. (age 10)

In this very, very good book, Cosmo Hill gets away from the foster home institute for orphans in Satellite City . The Clarissa Frayne institute is a very bad place to be. With Marshall Redwood, everyone is doomed. Redwood is the head director of the institute. He treats the kids very meanly and tortures them. After he escapes, Cosmo joins a group called the Supernaturalists.

The Supernaturalists are a group that goes around busting parasites, ?life-sucking creatures,? thinking they are bad. Mona, Ditto, and Stefan are the three other kids in the group. This exciting book takes place in the future, so there are lots of machines like lightning rods that electrocute things. Later, the Supernaturalists find something out about the parasites. The parasites are?I?d better not tell. To find out what happens to Cosmo and the gang, read The Supernaturalist!

This is one of my favorite books because of all of the tantalizing words. My favorite part was when Cosmo has a parasite on his chest. It is my favorite part because that is when he meets Mona, Ditto and Stefan. That part is cool. There aren?t any pictures in this book except the front cover, which looks really cool. It is blue with light blue spheres. It was done on a computer. In this book, Cosmo changes by becoming a Supernaturalist.

This book is an exciting story to people who like hi-tech computers. I recommend this book to people 8+, not only are there 267 pages, but there are a couple of bad words. Otherwise, I recommend this book because it is cool. I encourage you to read this book, and if you do, I think that you will like The Supernauturalist!

Jeremy P. is a student in Ms. Morlan's 4th Grade Class