The Three Little Pigs (Retold by Harriet Ziefert)

Written by Harriet Ziefert • Illustrated by Laura Rader

Reviewed by Navrisham K. (age 6)

The Three Little Pigs is about three pigs that make houses and a big, bad wolf that tries to blow their houses down. The first pig makes his house out of straw. The second little pig makes his house out of sticks. The last pig builds his house out of bricks.

I liked this story but I didn't like it when the wolf ate the first two little pigs. It is funny when the wolf tried to blow down the brick house. His cheeks turned bright red. I liked it when the wolf got cooked in the pot. I liked the brick house the best.

I think everyone will like this story. It was fun to read.

Navrisham K. is a student in Mrs. Ryan's Book Club