I Hate School

Written by Jeanne Willis
Illustrated by Tony Ross

Reviewed by Catherine C. (age 10)

Honor Brown is scared of her school because she says that the cafeteria lady feeds them rabbit poop, worms, and they even cut your head off if you talk in class. She even said that her friends are robbers! But now I will tell you to read the book to find out the rest of the story!!

My opinion is that Honor Brown is going to be sad that she is leaving the school she hates. I even think that she is a liar too!

I recommend this book to my family because I love them a lot. I even think that it might be funny for them. That is because she want to go back to school when she said the school was bad.

Catherine C. is a member in Page Turners After School Program / Rauschenbusch Center's Page Turners Book Club (2004-2005)