Katie Kazoo Switcheroo- Out to Lunch

Written by Nancy Krulik

Reviewed by J.M. (age 8)

Katie Kazoo Switcheroo ''Out to Lunch'' is by Nancy Krulik. Katie's friends fought over taking the class hamster home. Katie didn't like that so she went into the bathroom to cry. A wind came around her. All of a sudden, Katie turned into the lunch lady. She was in the lunchroom again. She started a food fight, and the lunch lady got fired. Finally, she turned back into herself. Now Katie has to convince the principal to rehire the lunch lady. Will Katie convince him?

My favorite character was Katie. First, she is caring. She tried to help when the lunch lady got fired. In addition, she is very smart. Katie was smart to say she didn't want to go on any one's side when her two best friends got into a fight. Also, Katie was fair. Her friend said only third graders could play, but Katie let everyone play. Being caring, smart, and fair is why Katie is my favorite character.

I enjoyed reading this book. To start with, this book is funny. There was a food fight and food went on the principal's head. Also, it was interesting when Katie turned into the lunch lady. Additionally, this book has a lot of details. The author describes what the characters looks like, and their personalities. For example, Nancy Krulik wrote, ''Kevin had been a tomato freak since Kindergarten.'' Finally, I enjoyed reading this book because it is funny, interesting, and has a lot of details.

This book was really funny. Jeremy always brought tomatoes to lunch. I laughed when food went the principal's head during a food fight. It was hilarious when Katie turned into the lunch lady. This book made me laugh as much as a kid looking at another kid making funny faces.

I recommend this book to kids who like funny books. Kids who like Nancy Krulik should read this book too. You should go to the bookstore and pick up now!

J.M. is a student in Miss F.'s 3rd Grade Class