The Call of the Wild

Written by Jack London

Reviewed by Verdi R. (age 7)

The story takes place in the wild Arctic. It is about a dog named Buck. Buck was sold to different owners in many different places. One special place was a training camp. They are training Buck to become a sled dog. At the training camp, he met the lead dog, Spitz. Buck and Spitz fought. Buck bit Spitz on the leg and Spitz bit him on the shoulder. Their owner punished Spitz by whipping him with a club. After the beating, Spitz passed away and Buck became lead dog. Buck got sold again to a new owner named John. John nursed him back to health. One day an Indian tribe attacked Buck?s pack. Two of the dogs in the pack died during the attack but, Buck was not hurt. One night Buck heard a ghost dog singing an ancient song called "The Call of the Wild".

My favorite part of the story is when Buck and Spitz had a duel. It?s my favorite part because it?s the most exciting. My favorite character is Buck because he is the star of the book. This story relates to my life because when I fight with my brother, one of us gets hurt. The story has pictures of the place, dogs, and owner. It helps tell the story because the pictures helps me imagine the story better.

I think others should read this story because it teaches you a lesson about not fighting. Sometimes fighting can hurt other people or yourself.

Verdi R. is a student in Mrs. Merha's 2nd Grade Class