The Nutcracker

Written by E.T.A. Hoffman • Illustrated by Scott Gustafson

Reviewed by Danielle E. (age 7)

Marie's Godpapa Drosselmier gave her a nutcracker for Christmas. Marie's brother Fritz made fun of the nutcracker because he thought it was ugly. Her Godpapa told them a story about how the nutcracker became so ugly. That night the nutcracker became alive and Marie became the size of the toys and they all started to fight the mice. Marie took off her shoe and threw it at the mice king and it died. The nutcracker took Marie to his kingdom called Toyland and to his castle called Marzipan. Then all of a sudden, the nutcracker became a boy because Marie believed in him no matter how he looked.

My favorite part of the story is when the nutcracker became alive because Marie loved him and cared about him no matter what he looked like. My favorite character is Marie and the nutcracker. My least favorite characters are the mice, and mice king with his seven heads. It doesn't matter if you're ugly or pretty, tall or small, it matters if you have a heart and nice to people. The pictures help tell the story.

I think others should read this story because it is great, wonderful story about presents, fairy tales, fighting, candy places and family.

Danielle E. is a student in Mrs. Merha's 2nd Grade Class