Written by Judy Blume

Reviewed by Alainna J. (age 8)

Superfudge is the second book about Fudge and Peter Hatcher. In this story, they moved to Princeton, New Jersey. Fudge started kindergarten, and Peter started sixth grade. They both have new friends, too. They also have a new baby sister nicknamed Tootsie. Fudge annoyed Peter by waking him up on Saturday, and being a pest all the time. At the end of the book, Tootsie learns a new word, "Yuck!", and they move back to "New Yuck".

Fudge reminded me of my sister because she annoys me just like Fudge annoyed Peter. She is always bugging me just like when Fudge copied Peter. My favorite part was when Fudge went up on the stage and started hollering "Peetah where are you?" That was funny and embarrassing to Peter. I liked Peter and Fugde the best. I like Fudge because he tricked Peter on Saturday by waking him up for school. I like Peter because he fell in love with Joanne and that was cool.

I recommend this book a lot. I think everyone shoud read it.

Alainna J. is a student in Mrs. Weidemann's 2nd/3rd Grade Class