Written by Judy Blume

Reviewed by Joee K. (age 9)

This book is about Peter and Fudge. There was a first story called ''Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing", and this is the next one. There is something new about the story. Peter and Fudge got a new sister named Toosie. They had to move to Princeton. Fudge had a new friend. and his name was Daniel Manheim. Peter made a new friend and his name was Alex. One night, they went to the movies. Peter saw his classmate, Joanne, and they sat together in the movies. They were holding hands and then Fudge came and put an ice cube down Peter's back. At the end of the book Fudge and Daniel went on a picnic. They rode thier bikes. Fudge's parents went looking for them. They were at a bakery. They got punished from their bikes for a month.

This book is hilarious! It made me laugh almost through the whole book, like the time when Fudge woke Peter up in the morning on a Saturday. Peter went downstairs and he asked ''Why aren't mom and dad here?'' Fudge said, ''It isn't a school day, Pee-tah.'' Then Peter went to go chase Fudge. The character that I liked best was Daniel Manheim because he was a pain in the butt. Daniel was a crazy! He was always picky about food. He was always saying, "Do you want to something out of it?" after he introduced himself. This book reminds me of my little brother. It reminds me of him because when my cousins say " I found a worm", he goes to see it and takes it out of the dirt. Peter and Alex dug up worms, too. When I see a worm, I walk away somewhere different and I don't tell my brother.

I recommend this book because it is humorous. I think everybody should read this book especially my brothers and sisters.

Joee K. is a student in Mrs. Weidemann's 2nd/3rd Grade Class