Duck on a Bike

Written by David Shannon

Reviewed by Amanda H. (age 5)

Duck on a Bike illustration will appear here.

Duck lived on a farm. He wanted to ride a bike. He saw a bike; it belonged to a kid. Duck rode by some animals and said hi. Some of the animals were a horse, a cow and a dog. The animals think he is crazy! But at the end, they all ride a bike!

My favorite character was the horse because he has black hair and I like black hair. And he makes a funny face at Duck. My favorite part in the book is when he (Duck) passed by the dog. It almost looks like the dog is gonna bite him, but he doesn't. I like the pictures in this book because they are really funny!

I think all kids would like this book because it has funny pictures, and because the duck is silly when he rides the bike, and then all the animals ride a bike, too.

(This review was dictated to Mrs. Mantooth)

Amanda H. is a student in Mrs. Mantooth's Kindergarten Class