A Pocket for Corduroy

Written by Don Freeman • Illustrated by Don Freeman

Reviewed by Eric O. (age 5)

A Pocket for Corduroy illustration will appear here.

Corduroy is a bear and he gets lost in the laundromat. He belongs to Lisa. He was walking around and he found a bag and he thought it was a cave, so he went inside. The bag belonged to an artist and he found Corduroy. He took his overalls off because they were dirty. He washed them and put them back on. In the morning, the laundromat opened and Lisa found Corduroy! She makes a pocket for him and gives him a nametag so he won't get lost anymore.

I liked Corduroy the best 'cause he's a stuffed animal and he reminds me of my blue stuffed bear. I liked it when he thought the soap was snow because he tipped over the soap and slid. That looks like fun! The pictures were funny, too!

I think every single little kid would like this book because I really want them to read it and see Corduroy!

(This review was dictated to Mrs. Mantooth)

Eric O. is a student in Mrs. Mantooth's Kindergarten Class