Take Me Out of the Bathtub and other Silly Dilly Songs

Written by Alan Katz • Illustrated by David Catrow

Reviewed by Alina A. (age 7)

This book has songs and poems about a lot of different things. One poem is about a poodle who is always cranky. He scares people. Another poem is about a boy who is stuck in the bathtub. In "Bobby Put the TV On" a brother and sister want to watch different channels. Then Dad comes home and they watch sports on channel 22. In one poem there's a babysitter who wants to watch TV instead of playing. "Stinky Stinky Diaper Change" is about a boy whose baby brother stinks. So he ties his brother to a string on his leg and is flying him outside.

I think this book is funny. One funny part in the book was a baby tied on a string and his older brother was flying him like a kite. One other funny part is when a boy is in a bathtub and he is stuck in the bathtub. The pictures in this book are colorful and funny. My favorite page is "Take Me out of the Bathtub" because the toothbrushes look funny. I also like it when the boy slipped out of the bathtub.

I would tell somebody to read this book because it is funny. I think that everybody who likes songs and poems would like this book because it has funny songs and poems.

Alina A. is a student in Miss Pecanic's 2nd Grade Class