The Three Little Pigs

Written by Jean Claverie • Illustrated by Jean Claverie

Reviewed by Liliana N. (age 7)

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. They went out to make a home. The little pig said, "Can I have some wheat?" "Yes," said the man. So he made his home. Then the other little pigs made their homes. But they had problems when the wolf came.

The illustrators are really good at drawing the three little pigs and the wolf. They made the wolf look mean and the pigs look real. I like the part when the pig is eating. It's funny because it's messy. I picked this book because it is really interesting when the wolf keeps chasing the pigs. I think this book is really funny because the pigs keep the wolf away.

I think kids will like this book because it's really funny.

Liliana N. is a student in Miss Pecanic's 2nd Grade Class