The Lion and the Mouse

Written by Dr. Suess • Illustrated by Lisa McCue

Reviewed by KV (age 6)

The Lion and the Mouse illustration will appear here.

There once was a little mouse and a big lion. The lion catches the mouse and then the mouse asks the lion to let him go. The mouse promises to help the lion and the lion doesn't believe it. The lion lets the mouse go and the lion gets caught in a net later. The mouse heard the noise and ran to find the lion. The mouse chews and chews until the lion is free. They then become friends.

I found that this book was too short and I like it when books take longer to read. However, my favorite part was when the mouse hears the lion roaring and he runs to help him. This reminds me of a time when my sister came to help me when I got hit with a tetherball! She helpd me by taking me to the nurse.

I think my baby brother would really like this book because he likes animals and I would enjoy reading it to him. This book will be helpful for people who are beginning to read.

KV is a student in Mrs. Magos' 1st Grade Class