The Berenstain Bears' New Neighbors

Written by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Reviewed by Maira R. (age 7)

This story is about new neighbors moving next to the Berenstain Bears. The new neighbors have two girls and one boy; there are five in the family. The two girls play jump rope with Sister Bear. The brother plays soccer with Brother Bear. Father Bear did not like the new family because they were different (they are Panda Bears). Finally, when they went to the Panda's house to eat together, he decided he liked them after all.

My favorite part of the story is when the two girls are playing jump rope with sister Bear because they are good at it. I also like to jump rope.

My favorite character is Sister Bear because she played with the Panda girls even though they were different.

The story is good because the kids play together even though they are different. I would recommend this book because it teaches you to make friends with everybody.

I think that a baby would like this book because it has little kids in it. I think a baby would like the cute bears.

The story is interesting because the characters are funny; I have never seen a real bear talk, or jump rope before .

Maira R. is a student in Mrs. Vellenga's 2nd Grade Class