The Gingerbread Man

Written by Jim Aylesworth • Illustrated by Barbara McClintock

Reviewed by Angie G. (age 7)

This story is about a little Gingerbread Man. He was in the kitchen and he ran out the door. The grandma that was baking him went out the door chasing him. Many animals were chasing him as well. The Gingerbread Man kept saying, "Run, run, as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!" The Gingerbread Man came to a lake and the fox took the Gingerbread Man on his tail. The fox tricked the Gingerbread man and ate him.

I like this story because it is sad when the fox ate the Gingerbread Man. The Gingerbread Man is so cute.

My favorite part is when the fox ate the Gingerbread man, even though the Gingerbread Man is so cute, because the fox tricked the Gingerbread Man. The fox was so tricky.

I would recommend this book because the pictures were cute. I liked the picture of the Gingerbread Man being chased by the grandma and all the animals.

I think that babies would like this book because their parents would read it to them.

The story is interesting because it is so sad. The fox is so tricky and he eats the cute Gingerbread Man.

Angie G. is a student in Mrs. Vellenga's 2nd Grade Class