Encyclopedia Brown Boy Detective

Written by Donald Sobel • Illustrated by Leonard Shortall

Reviewed by Nathaniel K. (age 7)

There are ten cases in this book that Encyclopedia Brown needs to solve because he is a boy detective. The Case of the Civil War Sword is cool. Encyclopedia figures out if a war sword belonged to Stonewall Jackson. Read this book to find out how Encyclopedia Brown finds out!

I learned that being a detective takes a lot of work. There are clues in the story to help you find out whether the sword belonged to Stonewall Jackson. My favorite part is when Mom and I are trying to find out why. I like the black and white pictures because everyone can use their imagination to color the pictures.

I recommend this book to people that might want to be detectives some day. If you?re interested in being a detective, then pick up this book at your local library.

Nathaniel K. is a student in Mrs. Gibbs' 2nd Grade Class