The Spiderwick Chronicles

Written by Tony Diterlizzi

Reviewed by Wyatt G. (age 8)

This book is like a mini- ?Lord of the Rings. In the first book, the three characters, Jared, Simon, and Mallory, found a field guide to weird creatures such as trolls and sprites. They soon learn that there really are weird creatures and the guide is very powerful. Some of the creatures badly want the guide so they can give it to a monster called Multagragh, but they soon lose the book. Can they find the book before it?s too late?

I like this book because it?s full of fantasy. And it?s very scary when it has a person getting dragged into a forest. My favorite part is when Jared and Mallory nearly get eaten by a troll. I also like it when they get chased by goblins.

I like Jared because that?s my older brother?s name. My favorite picture is the one with a huge mossy troll with mushrooms on its head.

I recommend this book to people who are into fantasy. If your parents don?t like you coming into their bed at night because The Lord of the Rings gives you nightmares, then read this book instead!

Wyatt G. is a student in Mrs. Gibbs' 2nd Grade Class