The Ersatz Elevator

Written by Lemony Snicket • Illustrated by Brett Hilquist

Reviewed by Ari R.T. (age 8)

The Series of Unfortunate Events is about these three children that have really unlucky lives and are chased by a wicked villain that wants their fortune. The three children find two children in a cage that's in an elevator that's not an elevator and the next time they see the cage there are no children in it. Then the three children find a secret passage way and they go through it to an auction. They find the villain and open a box that they think the other children are in. Thennn.... well, you'll have to read the book to find out about the end.

I liked the book because it was intense and adventurous. My favorite part is when the three children go down the elevator because I never knew what might be down there. I liked the illustrations because they were very realistic.

I recommend this book because it's an adventurous and exciting story. If you like books that you need to have a lot of clues to find out a little scheme, you'll like this book.

Ari R.T. is a student in Mrs. Ardigo's 2nd Grade Class