The One in the Middle Is the Green Kangaroo

Written by Judy Blume • Illustrated by Irene Trivas

Reviewed by Eliy M. (age 8)

Freddy is the middle child in his family. He does not think that anyone notices him. His big brother and his little sister get all the attention. Freddy decides to try something new that his brother and sister have never done. He wants to be in the school play. The problem is that the play is for fifth and sixth grade students only. Freddy is too young. Will there be a part for Freddy?

When I read this book I felt that the author was trying to tell us to be yourself and good things will happen. There is a part for everyone to play. I think the character of Freddy was interesting because he was a middle child who was trying to find out where he fit in.

I can recommend this book to students that like to read about being in a play. It is good to get a part no matter how small. You would like this book if you were a middle child in a family. I would recommend this book to readers that like to read Judy Blume books.

Eliy M. is a student in Mrs. Jacino's 1st through 3rd Grade Class