Written by Brian Jaques • Illustrated by Peter Standley

Reviewed by Shawn W. (age 11)

This book is about Taggerung, an otter whose real name is Denya, and his companion Nimblo the Slayer, a mouse who ran away from home and his mean father. Taggerung's father was killed in front of his eyes when he was only a couple of days old. Then he was kidnapped by vermin (stoats, ferrets, weasels, foxes and rats) and made one of them. He grows up living like one. When he is older he runs away and that's when the adventure begins.

This book is in the series of Redwall. This is one of the sixteen books. This book is like the rest of the books in the series because it is about Redwall Abbey. And like all the other books an army of vermin is attacking Redwall. Like the other books, it is up to a warrior chosen by Martin the Warrior to save the 'Abbey'. In this book two of the characters changed, Taggerung and Nimblo the Slayer. Taggerung changed because he used to be cruel and bad when he was with the vermin, and when he started his journey he became kind and had a change of heart. He also did many good deeds. Nimblo changed when he ran away. He was angry with his father and when he returned and found out he was dead he swore to avenge him. So they both changed by having a change of heart.

My favorite part was when Tagg(Taggerung) said something and then Nimblo said the same thing. I liked that part because I think it was funny. I thought that a couple of characters were interesting, but I liked Tagg the most. I found it interesting that Tagg didn't even know who he was utnil he got to Redwall. It is also interesting that he changed from evil to good.

I recommend this book to anyone who has a wild imagination and loves a good book.

Shawn W. is a student in Mrs. Zimmerman's 2nd Grade Class