Written by Bram Stoker

Reviewed by Tristan A. (age 8)

Imagine being on a mission to slay the most evil vampire in the world. His name is Dracula. It sounds fun, but first there are some things about Dracula that you need to know. He cowers when a crucifix is displayed. He burns when holy water is sprinkled on him. He can turn himself into a bat or a white mist. And, the only way to kiill him is to drive a wooden stake through his heart.

Now you are ready to go on an adventure!

My favorite character is Professor Van Helsing because he is the leader of the mission to slay Dracula and is fearless. My favorite part of the book is when Jonathan Harker drives the wooden stake through Dracula's heart. The illustrations are very detailed and realistic, almost like a painting. They made me feel just like I was actually there.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes very scary horror stories. I do not recommend this book to people who don't like blood and violence or to kids under eight years old.

Tristan A. is a student in Mrs. Zimmerman's 2nd Grade Class