Toby and the Big Red Van

Written by Annette Smith • Illustrated by Craig Smith

Reviewed by Adam M. (age 7)

Toby and the Big Red Van is a book about getting the job done. Toby is a tow truck and B.J. is a person. In this story a big red van is blocking the way. They have to do special things before they can move it. Read to find out if they move the van.

I picked this book because tow trucks are my favorite truck. They have things that help them to move different vehicles. They could move cars, trucks and all different things. The most interesting part was when they get the van out. I learned that when the van was getting picked up they had to put special frames on the back of the van. (not the frames that hold pictures) They are called "towing frames". It reminds me of the time we were going in a limosine to my Grandma's, and the tow truck was pulling another tow truck.

Everybody would like this book if they can find it in their local library and school library. If you like tow trucks, this would be a good book for you.

Adam M. is a student in Ms. Gallant's Book Club Group