Teacher's Pet

Written by Johanna Hurwitz

Reviewed by Andrea N. (age 10)

Imagine there is a new student in your class and before that you were the smartest and prettiest, then one day Boom! There?s a new kid who takes your place.

Well this story is about a girl, Cricket Kaufman who loves school but this year a new girl, Zoe gets almost everything. Cricket begins to get jealous. She makes funny faces at Zoe and sometimes even makes fun of her behind her back. So Zoe teases Cricket by giving her a pickle. Cricket doesn't like sour stuff especially pickles (Yuck!) She gets so mad at Zoe for embarrassing and teasing her more than ever.

I liked the way that the author creates real characters. Cricket and Zoe are like girls in my class. Cricket reminds me of myself because I like to make good grades, too. My favorite part is when they finally become friends.

I recommend this silly book to students that have a new student in their classroom. You?ll learn to make friends with the new student and don?t do what Cricket did .So you need to get out of the seat and, stop reading this paper, Go find that Book! P.S why are you still here!!!

Andrea N. is a student in Mrs. LaRoche's 4th Grade Class