Captain Underpants and the Big Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy

Written by Dav Pilkey

Reviewed by Colvin R. (age 9)

This story is about two boys named George and Harold. Captain Underpants is George and Harold's best friend. Melvin Sneedly is their worst enemy. Melvin tries to turn himself into a robot. When he sneezes on his hand he turns into Bionic Booger Boy. The lesson of the story is beware of really weird people like Mr. Krupp, their mean principal, because he is really scary.

My favorite part is when they hypnotize their principal, Mr. Krupp. When they snap their fingers, their principal turns into Captain Underpants.

My favorite character is Melvin Sneedly. He is funny because he sneezes and leaves it on his hand.

I like the book because George and Harold hypnotize their principal. I also like when Mr. Krupp is Captain Underpants. He just fools around and makes things worse.

I suggest this book to second to sixth graders. I recommend this book to people who like superheroes.

Colvin R. is a student in EMES Third Grade