Mouse Paint

Written by Ellen Stoll Walsh • Illustrated by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Reviewed by Allyson L. (age 4)

Mouses dip their feet in the paint. They step in a different puddle and they change colors. The red mouse went in the yellow puddle. It changed orange! The yellow mouse went in the blue puddle and it changed green. The blue mouse went in the red puddle and changed purple! Then they washed themselves in a nice cat bowl.

I liked when they washed in the cat bowl because I like kitty. I like when they hid from the cat because the cat likes to eat the mouse. Green is my favorite color so I really liked it when they dipped and turned green.

I think kids would like it because it's painting and kids like paint.

(This review was dictated.)

Allyson L. is a student in Mrs. Rainey and Mrs. Wheeler's Pre-K Class