The Mitten

Written by Jan Brett

Reviewed by Dorothy B. (age 7)

A little boy lives in a cottage with his grandmother, Baba. Baba knits mittens for him. He goes out and tries to climb a tree, but he doesn't know that he dropped one of his mittens. Then a mole goes inside the mitten because he was tired and it was warm in the mitten. A bunny comes in the mitten too, and then a hedgehog and an owl too. The mitten is getting huge. If you want to find out what happens, read the book!

I thought it was funny when his mother asks him why one mitten is bigger than the other. The pictures were pretty. They painted the pictures dark and light colors. I liked the Grandma Baba because she can sew and I can sew. I help my grandma sew.

My friend Sarah would like this book. She likes when I read to her. I think Kindergarteners would like it and first and second graders. Go get the book!

Dorothy B. is a student in Ms. Gallant's Book Club Group