The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes- Good Things Come in Small Packages

Written by Anne Mazer

Reviewed by W.G. (age 9)

Abby Hayes is a ten year old girl who loves to write in her journal. Abby has a best friend named Hannah. Hannah comes up with great ideas that always work. When they both get to school their teacher, Ms. Kantor, tells them to work on their gift box project. Abby's class is going to give gift boxes to kids who do not have enough money for presents. They are gift wrapping shoeboxes and putting in small toys such as key chains and crayons. Their teacher, Ms. Kantor gets a phone call saying that she has to take care of her mother so the class gets a substitute teacher named Ms. Lee. She's very mean and she won't let Abby make announcements for the project! How will the project get done on time? Hannah has to think of a solution FAST!

I liked this book because it shows that kids can make a difference no matter what. The class worked on a charity project and I like to help people myself. My favorite part of the book is when Hannah's little sister, Elena, wrecks half of the gift boxes with a watering can. Since Elena loves watering plants she saw the gifts in the boxes that she thought were flowers. She thought they were thirsty so she gave them a drink. Abby also reminds me of me. She has a little brother like I do and I like to write and so does Abby. This makes me think I could be Abby since she does things that I would like to do.

I recommend this book for girls if they like to write in a journal. This book is written in journal form and it is very funny. Finally, I recommend this book for kids who want to help people just like Abby did. You will enjoy reading about how kids never gave up even though they had a problem completing the project.

W.G. is a student in Mrs. Forte's Class 4A