Arthur Writes a Story

Written by Marc Brown • Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Brittany H. (age 7) and Olivia G. (age 7)

Arthur has many ideas for his stories. His first story is about how he got his puppy Pal. D.W. said to make the story about elephants instead. Buster wanted Arthur to write about outer space. Mr. Ratburn said to leave out the dancing elephants so Arthur turned in his original story on how he got Pal.

Our favorite part was when Arthur kept changing his mind about his story. All of the pictures are so funny, especially the ones with the elephants. This story reminds us of when we did the same thing when we had to write a story for class.

We think others should read it because it and it will make you laugh.

Brittany H. and Olivia G. are students in Mrs. Okamura's 2nd Grade Class