The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest

Written by Lynne Cherry

Reviewed by Jessie M. (age 8)

In the story 'The Great Kapok Tree,' Lynne Cherry describes animals that live in a rain forest. The animals tell a man who wants to cut down their tree not to do it, because trees provide oxygen, homes for animals and beauty. Many animals were scared of that man cutting their tree. Every animal told a reason not to cut their tree. For example, tree porcupines swung and said not to cut the tree because all trees give oxygen to people and animals.

The author wrote this story to describe things in the rainforest. Lynne Cherry thought that ruining an animal's home is wrong. She thought if somebody chopped down her home she would feel bad. I think that the reason that the author wrote this book is great because it's what I think.

Once I was 5 and I was in Kindergarden I went to a park and saw a man chopping down a tree. I said "Stop" he said "What do you know?" and continued.

I recommend this book to every school because it's a great book and teaches a lesson. The illustrations are fantastic. The illustrations filled the hole page and were colorful.

PLEASE try to make a book report of your own.

Jessie M. is a student in Ms. Skog's 3rd Grade Class