Deltora Quest: The City of the Rats

Written by Emily Rodda
Illustrated by Marc McBride

Reviewed by Isaac V. (age 6)

This book is about seven lost gems and three people are on a quest to find them. They are all hidden in very bad places where there are fierce monsters. There's Lief, Jasmine,and Barda. They go to a city that has lots of rats there. There is a giant snake that they have to fight to get the opal.

I like it because there are kings and queens and they have to find seven lost gems. I like the swords and there's lots of powerful monsters. In the City of the Rats, there's lots of rats. That's why I like it.

You should read this because it is cool and there's lots of monsters and there's twelve books.

Isaac V. is a student in Ms. Whitten's 4th Grade Class