If You Gave a Pig a Pancake

Written by Laura Numeroff • Illustrated by Felica Bond

Reviewed by Patsy V. (age 8)

A girl was having pancakes and a pig crawled in the window. She gave the pig a pancake and it wanted some syrup. Then the pig finished the pancake and was all sticky so it had to take a bath. The pig wanted bubbles and a rubber ducky. The duck reminds the pig of his farm, so he wanted to visit his family. She will want to dress up in your clothes, then will want to dance. Then the pig will want to take some pictures and mail them to all of her friends. Then she?ll want to build a tree house. She?ll get all sticky and she?ll want some pancakes and syrup again.

I liked this book. My favorite part was when the pig built a tree house because I liked the tree house. This book reminds me of other books written by this other like If You Give a Mouse A Cookie. These books all have animals and follow a pattern that takes you back to the beginning.

I would recommend this book to people who live in the country. I think people who liked other books by Laura Numeroff will like this book too.

Patsy V. is a member in Buhler Grade School's Camp Readalot (2002-2003)