Best Friends Wear Pink Tutus

Written by Sheri Brownrigg • Illustrated by Meredith Johnson

Reviewed by Jessica D. (age 8)

Two best friends were arguing about who got to wear a costume for the play. They were going to dance in the play and they knocked over a soldier man. They stopped being best friends, then they talked to the teacher and became best friends again.

I liked this book because they went and talked to their teacher about the problem, which is the right thing to do. I liked the costume in this book, it was my favorite part. It was my favorite because it?s white, it looks neat. This book teaches the lesson not to argue with your friends. If you do argue with your friends, you should go to an adult to talk with them about it.

I would recommend this book to others. I would recommend this book to girls.

Jessica D. is a member in Buhler Grade School's Camp Readalot (2002-2003)