Franklin Goes to the Hospital

Written by Paulette Bourgeois • Illustrated by Brenda Clark

Reviewed by NM (age 5)

Franklin got a tummy ache and they took him to the doctor. It was important when he needed to get x-rays so he was scared. Franklin looks like a green and yellow turtle. His dad takes care of Franklin and his mom, too. I liked the rabbit best because he took Franklin to get his x-rays.

I want to be a doctor and fix Franklin when he went to the hospital and cracked his shell. I thought it was boring when Fraklin was crying so I did not like this part of the book.

I think kindergartners who do not know about Franklin would like to hear this story read to them. All kids should know about Franklin. You can learn a lot about going to the hospital and having x-rays if you read this book.

NM is a student in Mr. Fulton's Kindergarten Class