Happy Birthday Danny and the Dinosaur!

Written by Syd Hoff

Reviewed by Danny B. (age 8)

The story is about Danny?s birthday and the dinosaur?s too. The dinosaur came from the museum. They were very close friends. At the party they played pin the tail on the donkey. When it was the dinosaur?s turn, the dinosaur pinned it on himself! Also at the party they ate ice cream. Each kid got a bowl of ice cream but they had to give the dinosaur a whole container of ice cream! They had a fun time.

I liked the book because it was funny. One of my favorite parts was when the dinosaur stuck his feet out the window. He stuck his feet out the window because Danny said don?t put your feet on the furniture.

Because of the dinosaurs large size he was a little different. The dinosaur reminded me of my father because he is too big to fit on the couch so he puts his feet on the lower table. I recommend this book to people who like funny stuff.

Danny B. is a student in Kevin's 2nd Grade Class