Kokopelli's Flute

Written by Will Hobbs

Reviewed by David N. (age 10)

Have you ever been to a cliff dwelling and felt something magic there? Tepary Jones feels magic and thinks that Picture House cliff dwelling is a good place to witness his first full eclipse of the moon. When he gets to Picture House, to his horror, he see two pot hunters digging up pots. Tepary scares them away when they find a burial and take a medicine basket. When he looks to see if the pot hunters had dropped anything he finds a bone flute. He plays the flute and everything changes.

I liked this book alot. I liked it because it took place near Colorado and it had many cliff hangers and exciting parts. My favorite part is when Tep learns that Cricket is one of the two Kokopelli's. Kokopelli's Flute is different from the books I have read because it combines magic and fact together, and it takes place at a ancient cliff dwelling. I recommend this book because it has a lot of suspense. I think that people who like adventure books will like Kokopelli's flute.

David N. is a student in Mr. Sala's 5th Grade Class