X- Men

Written by Steve Lyons
Illustrated by Nick Choles

Reviewed by Ms. A's 6th Grade Class

X- Men illustration will appear here.

This book is about mutants. There are a lot of mutants. I can list five mutants. Their names are, Cyclops, Woverine, Storm, Jean Gray, and the Beast. They are good mutants. Here are some of the evil mutants, Magneto,Mistique, and Selene. I liked this book a a lot.

From reading this book I learned not to judge people by the way they look, treat everyone the same no matter what they look like.

I think this book is a great book. I like it because it is an amazing adventure. My favorite part was when the virus was defeated. It took over some of the mutants, but they destroyed it. Wolverine reminds me of myself because he gets out of control. I think I sometimes get out of control just like Wolverine, even though I am a good person. This book teaches that there are many important gifts given to all people, but the most important gift is life.

I recommend this book to people who like science-fiction books because this book involves mutants. People who like comic books would also like this book.

Ms. A's 6th Grade Class