The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Written by Jon Scieszka • Illustrated by Lane Smith

Reviewed by Justin S. (age 7) and Kelsea W. (age 7)

This book is about a wolf, Al, who tells the true story of the three little pigs. He was making a birthday cake for his grandma while he had the sneezing cold, but he ran out of sugar. So he went to his neighbor's house, who were the three little pigs, to borrow a cup of sugar. When he went to the first house there was no answer. His nose started to itch and he sneezed. He sneezed the house down. What happened to the first little pig? What happened to the second little pig? What happened to the third little pig? What about the wolf? Read the book and find out!

We liked the part when the second pig said, "I'm shaving the hair on my chinny chin chin," because it was funny. Our favorite picture was when Al grew a beard. Our favorite character was Al because he was clever. When he blew the second pig's house down, snot came out of his mouth. We liked this book because it was silly when all the wolf wanted was a cup of sugar. This book was fun because all it was, was a big misunderstanding.

We recommend the book The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs to people who read the original story because they are similiar. We also recommend this book because it is very funny when you see the three little pigs in the illustrations. We also like the book because Al is not a bad character. If you like the original book, you would like this book. We hope you enjoy The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs.

Justin S. and Kelsea W. are students in Lori, Melissa and Pam's 2nd Grade Class (2)