Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Written by Judith Viorst • Illustrated by Ray Cruz

Reviewed by Yoko H. (age 8), Jared R. (age 7) and Christie C. (age 7)

Alexander had a no good, very bad day. He got outsmarted, his best friend met a new friend and he became his best friend and Alexander fell in some mud and no one helped him up. He is always wishing to go to Australia. The lesson in the book is, if you have a bad day, there will be lots of other good days.

Christie likes the part when Alexander drew an invisible drawing. Yoko likes the part when Alexander got his foot caught in the elevator because he thinks it's funny. Jared does not like the book because he read it a lot and he is getting bored of it.

The book reminded Christie and Jared about fighting with their sisters. The book reminded Yoko about the day he fell in some mud, just like Alexander did. They thought the book was funny, but they wished that it had colors so that the pictures would pop out.

We recommend this book to everyone because everyone has a bad day once in a while. People who like funny comedy books will like this book. Jared also recommends this book to older sisters and brothers because it shows them how little sisters and brothers feel when they are cruel.

Check out this book because it's for you! You'll like it!

Yoko H., Jared R. and Christie C. are students in Lori, Melissa and Pam's 2nd Grade Class (1)