Come Back Amelia Bedelia

Written by Peggy Parish • Illustrated by Wallace Tripp

Reviewed by Megan M. (age 7)

Come Back Amelia Bedelia illustration will appear here.

Ameila Bedelia put the chicken on the table. She dressed the chicken. When Mrs. Roger got in she was mad because Amelia Bedelia did everything wrong.

It was good because she put the lights outside but Mrs. Rogers meant put the light out meaning shut them off.

My favorite character was Ameila Bedelia because she does everything wrong.

My favorite part is when Ameila Bedelia put the lights out. This book is almost like Junie B. Jones but a little bit different.

I recommend this for 5 years old up to10. Your mom could read this to them and your dad could too.

There are 64 pages.

Megan M. is a student in Mrs. Walker's 2nd Grade Class