Mrs. Katz and Tush

Written by Patricia Polacco
Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Erik O. (age 8) and Julia K. (age 8)

This story is about a woman named Mrs. Katz. Her husband died and now she is living alone. Larnel is a boy that knows Mrs. Katz and knows she is alone. One day a cat had kittens in Larnel?s basement in his building. A man took all of them except for one. She is the runt of the family. Mrs. Katz took her and named her Tush. Mrs. Katz and Tush had a splendid time together. But one day Tush disappeared. If you want to find out what happened to Tush read the book.

Our favorite part was when Tush had babies. We like that part because Tush?s babies get to be part of the family. We also like that part because now Mrs. Katz doesn?t have to worry about being alone in her house because she has Tush and her babies.

We recommend this book to people who have a great time with their pets and feel very bad when one of their pets run away. We also recommend this book to people who like Patricia Polocco books and her illustrations. This book is for people who like cats too!

Erik O. and Julia K. are students in Mr. DiDio and Pam's 3rd Grade Class