Jummy Neutron Boy Genius Chew on This

Written by Terry Collins • Illustrated by Barry Goldberg

Reviewed by EA (age 7)

Jimmy Neutron invents this book bubblegum that people can chew instead of reading books. When they chew it, they know what was in the book. There was a book reading contest. Sheen wanted to win. He chewed too much gum and it made him sick so he missed the contest. Jimmy got 2nd place and he gave Sheen his prize.

I watch Jimmy Neutron movies and I like them because Jimmy Neutron is smart. He's a smartypants! He studies a lot and that's what makes him smart. I'm like him because I'm smart too.

Boys would like to read this book because it's funny. I just love Jimmy Neutron!

EA is a student in Ms. Johnston's 1st Grade Class