Come Back Amelia Bedelia

Written by Peggy Parish • Illustrated by Wallace Tripp

Reviewed by Amanda S. (age 7)

The story is about a girl named Amelia Bedelia she got fired from the first job she had. She has to find a new job but, she got fired from every new job she got. The first job she had was working for Mr. and Mrs. Rogers. Second job was a dressmaker. The third job was a file clerk.

Read the book to find out the rest.

I think the book is good. I like it because it is a fun book to read.

My favorite part is when a man tells her to stamp the papers but, she thought he meant to stamp the papers with your feet.

I felt good as I read the book it made me think about when one of my friends got fired.

I recommend this book to my friend Marie and her brother little Tommy and my other friend Jenny and her brother Nick and my friend Vallerie and her sister Jackie and I recommend it to the U.S.A. and my mom and my dad.

There were 64 pages.

Amanda S. is a student in Mrs. Walker's 2nd Grade Class