Fluffy's School Bus Adventure

Written by Kate Mc Mullen • Illustrated by Mavis Smith

Reviewed by Kristie (age 8)

This book is about Fluffy the guinea pig getting left behind by Jasmine P. Mrs. Day, the teacher, asked the bus driver to give Jasmine Fluffy, but the bus driver gives the wrong person Fluffy. Then the bus driver gives Jasmine P. Fluffy.

The story reminds me of when me and my brother got left behind in KMart and we were scared. My favorite part was when Fluffy got in the doll crib because it reminds me of my crib that I slept in when I was a baby.

I like the book because it reminds me of when I was a baby. I recommend this book because it reminds me of stories that I was left behind in old home videos when I was a baby. I want my family and teachers to read Fluffy's School Bus Adventure because it is a just right book for me and my friends in 2nd grade.

Kristie is a student in Mrs. Seversike's 2nd Grade Class