The Bookstore Burglar

Written by Nadine Bernard Westcott

Reviewed by Matthew S. (age 7)

Do you believe in ghosts? A burglar tries to steal something from a haunted bookstore and becomes a believer thanks to a smart cat named Cobweb. The Black Cat Bookstore is owned by Mrs. Brown and Cobweb. One day Cobweb sees a burglar steal the spare key to the bookstore. Cobweb tries to warn Mr. Brown but he does not listen. Now it's all up to Cobweb and the friendly ghost to protect the store. Read this book and you'll see how they scare him away.

The Bookstore Burglar is a good book because it has a surprise ending. My favorite part is when I found out who was the ghost. It was a big surprise. This book made me feel that I should never do crime. Also, the pictures tell the story so well that you can tell what happens without the words.

I recommend this if you like solving crime or taking care of the bad guys.

Matthew S. is a student in Mr. Plotkin's 1st Grade Class