1,2,3 Music

Written by Sylvie Auzary-Luton
Illustrated by Sylvie Auzary-Luton

Reviewed by Genesis P. (age 9)

1,2,3 Music illustration will appear here.

This book was about a girl name Annie who loved music. She always listened to her walkman and couldn't hear what her grand parents or cousins were saying. She kept saying that they did not understand her. One day her walkman was taken away from her. She had to find somthing else for music, and she did.

My favorite part of the book was when she started playing with the instruments because I love music. I liked Annie because she was pretty and reminded me of myself. I felt happy as I read the book because it is all about the love of music.

I would recommend this book to everyone who loves music. This book is good for kids in the first to third grade.

Genesis P. is a member in Phipps West Farms Beacon's Platinum Reader's Club (3rd Grade) (2002-2003)