Mice Make Trouble

Written by Beckly Bloom
Illustrated by Pascal Biet

Reviewed by Sulisa V. (age 8)

Mice Make Trouble illustration will appear here.

The story was about a little boy named Henry who took colored pencils that were magic and started to draw pictures on his wall. As he drew the pictures they were begining to come off the wall and come to life. He drew six mice and they began to make a mess in his room. He had to figure out how to stop them from making the mess.

I liked this book because I wish I could draw something on the wall to help me clean up my room sometimes. I think the illustrations are nice and beautiful. It felt good to read this book because it was cute and simple.

I think someone should read this book because it is a really cute book. If you like mice you will enjoy reading this book. Also read this book to find out how Henry stopped the mice from making a mess.

Sulisa V. is a member in Phipps West Farms Beacon's Platinum Reader's Club (3rd Grade) (2002-2003)