The Canada Geese Quilt

Written by Natalie Kinsey Warnock • Illustrated by Leslie W. Bowman

Reviewed by Nikki C. (age 8)

This book is about Ariel and Grandma. They're making a quilt for the baby that is coming. Ariel drew the designs of the geese for the quilt. After a while grandma had a stroke. Then Ariel had to sew the quilt by herself. Grandma had a surprise for Ariel at the end.

I think this is a good book because the main character, Ariel, is a nice girl. She helped her Grandma when her Grandma couldn't make the quilt by herself. My favorite part of the book is when Ariel's mother is having a baby. It's my favorite part because my mother is having a baby pretty soon, too. But Ariel had a baby brother. My mother is having a baby girl. I am glad I am having a sister because I have three brothers.

I recommend this book because it's fun to read. I think 4th graders and up could read it.

Nikki C. is a student in Mrs. Weidemann's 2nd Grade through 3rd Grade Class