The Story of Cinderella and Other Tales

Written by Peter Holeinone • Illustrated by Tony Wolf

Reviewed by Lindsay R. (age 7)

Once upon a time, a sister and a brother were playing. They decided to make a snow doll. They kissed her and she came to life. When the father returned from town, he thought that the snow doll was a neighbor. So he let her inside. Read this book to find out what happens to the snow doll when she warms herself in the house.

Including the Snow Maiden, there are seven tales in this book. I like the Snow Maiden. I think you will like this book because it has lots of details. It's an interesting book. The sister in the tale reminds me of my sister because in winter and summer she always wants to play tag with me. I liked the colorful pictures that are in the book.

Everyone who likes fairy tales should read this book!

Lindsay R. is a student in Mrs. O'Hanlon's 2nd Grade Class