When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth

Written by Jamie Lee Curtis • Illustrated by Laura Cornell

Reviewed by Adam S. (age 7) and Emily M. (age 7)

A four year old girl, who acts like she is older, remembers lots of things from when she was a baby. For example, she thinks she slept in a zoo, but really she had a lot of zoo animals in her crib. The illustrations are very funny and colorful. They show her when she was a baby and a four-year old. This girl reminds us of ourselves when we were little. You might want to read this book to see if you remember things when you were a baby.

We loved the book because it was funny. Here's an example- we thought it was funny when the girl squirted the toothpaste on the cabinet. Our favorite part was when the girl's parents gave the girl tickle torture. We like tickle tortures. We felt like when we were babies because the girl was talking about when she was a baby. We thought it was a good book because we had a lot of connections to our own lives.

We recommend this book to boys and girls who like to remember when they were babies. Grown-ups might also like it because they were once babies too. This book is really easy to read, so a lot of people can read it. We think everyone will enjoy the illustrations because they are funny paintings.

Adam S. and Emily M. are students in Class C100