Bony Legs

Written by Joanna Cole
Illustrated by Dirk Zimmer

Reviewed by Aracely V. (age 9)

This book is about a witch. Her name is Bony Legs. She is a horrible witch and she liked to eat little children. Sasha is a little girl who went to the forest to borrow a needle and thread. My favorite part is when Bony Legs trapped Sasha. Sasha began to cry the cat said don?t cry. Sasha had never heard a talking cat . The cat said he would help her get out of Bony-Legs house. You will have to read the book to find out if Sasha gets out of Bony-Legs house.

Bony-Legs reminds me of Hansel and Gretel. Their is a witch in Bony-Legs and their is a witch in Hazel and Gretel. Bony-Legs capture Sasha and the witch capture Hansel and Gretel. Bony- Legs wanted to eat Sasha. The witch also wanted to eat Hansel. This book also reminds me of when I got lost. A bad man was after me. I didn?t now what to do a friend of my mother saw me. At last my mother found me. This book reminds me of what can happen in the real world. Don?t run away from your house. Kids should never talk to strangers. My advice to all kids is that they should never go with someone they don?t know.

I recommend this book to people that don?t listen to their mothers. Because they have to learn a lesson. The lesson in this book is that children should not go with strangers. Children need to listen to their mothers.

Aracely V. is a student in Mrs. Serna's 3rd Grade Class